The definitive guide to identifying and treating diabetes and prediabetes by a world-renowned pioneer in diabetes treatment and management.

Diabetes has struck Americans in epidemic proportions, and its complications- which are entirely preventable-can be devastating. As a result, the majority of the 60 million Americans afflicted with prediabetes or diabetes are confused, frightened, and are often receiving sub-par treatment from well-intentioned doctors who simply don't have the experience with the disease to give patients the care they desperately need.

This book, written by a world-renowned pioneer in diabetes treatment who has already written the textbook on the topic for physicians, is a cutting-edge, comprehensive program to reverse prediabetes and to treat both types of diabetes, including: what foods to eat/avoid, which medications help/hurt, and how to get the best treatment from your doctor.

"To be at risk for, or with diabetes, is to face HUGE challenges. We now know ö scientifically ö that people do not have to develop diabetes or related health problems.

The information in this book is thorough, complete, supportive, and compassionate.

Using Dr. Petersā book can help all people with these challenges."
-Frank Vinicor, MD,
MPH Director-Diabetes,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Diabetes can be controlled, provided you don't pass out every-time you prick your finger. Before I met Dr. Peters I thought that diabetes was hopeless - and then everything changed."
-Don Rickles,

"Without a doubt I feel that Dr. Anne Peters helped save my life. With her expertise and compassion she guided me through a mine field of diabetic trauma. After being recently diagnosed, Dr. Peters found the right combination of medicines to help regulate my erratic blood glucose levels. I now feel like a normal person again. God bless this woman!"
-Brenda Russell,