The Qualities to Seek in Your Physician
When looking for a doctor, you want someone who will listen to you and take the time to answer your questions. You need to feel confident in your physicianâs skills and knowledge, and comfortable that he/she will ask other physicians for input, if needed. Even the best doctors donât know everything. In my opinion, one of the key features to being a truly great doctor is knowing when to ask for another opinion. Your physician (or his/her backup) should be available in case of emergency. Your doctor should never make you feel guilty for not ăcomplyingä with what they tell you to do. The word ăfailureä should never be part of a medical visit, and yet patients tell me all the time that they feel like failures.

It is important that your physician encourages you to try to get better and believes in your ability to become healthier, or to maintain your health if your health is good. Your physician should be helpful in referring you to see other providers, if you need additional help. Telling you to ăgo and lose weightä or to ăstart exercisingä without providing you with specific advice and someone to help you make these changes is simply not enough. Nor is giving you a preprinted piece of paper with diet instructions on it. You are an individual and deserve individual help and guidance as you deal with prediabetes and diabetes.